Near or Far – your outsourcing decision will impact your Supply Chain As industries become more and more commoditised, there is a growing understanding that value is not necessarily intrinsic to the product sold, but in the manner in which this product is brought to market. Such commoditisation has resulted in organisations seeking opportunities to […]

What is organic waste? ​ Organic waste is the broad term used to encompass any waste from a biological source including paper, pulp, fibre, food and animal waste, biosolids and sludge. While organic

The joint efforts of Infinium Robotics and Bolloré Logistics started early 2017, resulting in a successful first-ever fully autonomous drone cycle count trial on 15th September 2017. The Infinium Scan trial took place within Bolloré Logistics Singapore’s latest hub, serving a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) for cosmetics clients. Specifically designed to solve slow stock checking […]
In a tight and competitive economy what is the one thing that can set your organisation aside and give you a competitive advantage? Efficient and effective supply chains! Yes, technology and processes play a large role in achieving these efficient supply chains but it is the people who run the technology, implement and manage processes […]
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