It’s no secret that businesses across most industries and sectors have their proverbial backs against the wall. The COVID-19 lockdowns and economic pressure, along with major disruption to operations, has forced business decisions into a corner. Fortunately there is a way out – loyalty programmes. The COVID-19 crisis left many a business in its wake, […]
Lockdown restrictions have affected all businesses, regardless of size or industry sector – resulting in many being forced to close their doors. Those businesses who have been struggling – such as hairdressers, restaurants, clothing retailers, hotel and tourism operators – have had to dig deep to keep afloat. Unfortunately, even established retailers with a long […]
JOHANNESBURG, June 2020 – A simply designed foldable plastic bin has shown the importance of platform design and logistics in the supply chain space – slashing the transport costs of clients and boosting profitability in the highly competitive fresh produce sector. The innovation has seen two major produce companies achieving increases in efficiency as well […]
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