Every Monday morning, I receive an email that asks me how I am feeling. Because it’s Monday and because it’s morning, I am grateful that I am offered options in the form of emojis, so that all I n

At the beginning of March few anticipated the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the lives of all South Africans. As the gradual easing of the strict lockdown conditions approaches, thoughts turn to how companies will begin their recovery. Ian McAlister, GM of CRS Technologies, looks at what to expect. Friday, 1 May […]
Leading South African truck and trailer body building company, Serco, has developed a sanitation booth in which a fine mist of people-friendly disinfectant is sprayed onto the user to help prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The initiative is one of Serco’s efforts to help provide solutions in the face of COVID-19. Dubbed the […]

The current lockdown in South Africa is a major challenge for businesses to maintain operations. For insurers, much of this revolves around empowering employees with the capability to work remotely an

Despite the increasing rate of unemployment in South Africa, businesses can play a meaningful role in creating sustainable job opportunities for the youth, those that are most affected. The opportunity lies where Temporary Unemployment Services (TES) can facilitate the sharing of skills of tech-savvy youth and older generation professionals that struggle to adapt to digital […]
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