The evolution of cloud technology has awakened a desire by businesses to fast-track the development of platforms in order to capitalise on Customer Experience (CX). There is widespread opportunity to up the level of traditional customer engagement and many companies are introducing cloud solutions to maximise these opportunities – however, the consumer is a lot […]

Establishing comprehensive sound processes into yard flow and management can have a significant positive impact on efficiency, visibility and gate-to-gate turnaround times. Inbound inefficiencies hamp

Organisers Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery and Afrocet Montgomery have announced the launch of Ghana’s premier mining, industrial, automation, packaging, and occupational health and safety trade expo, which will be taking place at the Dome, located at the Accra Trade Fair Grounds in Ghana, from 21-23 April 2020. The new West African Industrial Trade Exhibition (WAITEX) skilfully […] is the biggest online lifestyle shop in the Netherlands and currently serves about 2 million regular customers, shipping around 30 million items per year in the Dutch market. The article ra

Interroll’s Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) offers perfect functionality for conveying within the manufacturing, distribution, tire and automotive, and e-commerce industries. The applied ease-of-use philosophy provides customers with a smart, flexible, economical and reliable solution for their material handling. What Interroll wants most for its customers and end users is for them to be able to […]

Established in 2004, Econorack has always been a reliable supplier of warehouse racking, shelving and storage systems. With products to suit the cash conscious as well as the industrial sectors, a sol

Delivering long-term excellence and service in supply-chain management requires innovation. A fascinating manifestation of this involves backward integration, with logistics and container-pooling companies moving into production in order to better meet customer needs. A pallet manufacturer, for instance, can take a progressive approach to its industry by moving into business sectors higher up its own […]
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