There are several reasons why you might seek to improve your warehouse operation. Changes may be triggered by external factors, such as new legislation, different products or evolving business objectives. Or they may be prompted by a review of your warehouse and logistics processes, whether in order to diversify your services, accommodate new customers or […] is South Africa’s leading online retailer and has experienced hypergrowth annually since its inception in 2010. Against that background Takealot was in search for a partner that has an

Near or Far – your outsourcing decision will impact your Supply Chain As industries become more and more commoditised, there is a growing understanding that value is not necessarily intrinsic to the

It keeps you awake at night, it is on your mind always, your phone buzzes at all hours of the day, it is temperamental, tricky to handle and everyone has advice on how to do it better. A relationship? No…it’s your supply chain. As a supply chain professional you likely eat, breathe and sleep every […]

What is organic waste? ​ Organic waste is the broad term used to encompass any waste from a biological source including paper, pulp, fibre, food and animal waste, biosolids and sludge. While organic

Faced with ongoing disruption that is largely being fuelled by technology and exciting software development, almost every industry is being forced to rethink traditional strategies and operational approaches. As a leader in developing smart supply chains we at Barloworld Logistics constantly keep our finger on the pulse, analysing trends and creating ways in which new […]
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