Cloud services are mushrooming – are you ready to migrate asks Learning Machines


As more companies continue to establish their presence in the cloud and the proportion of worldwide data stored in the public cloud set to grow to almost 50%, according to research, service providers will have their work cut out to compete and add value.

This is according to Learning Machines, a leading consulting firm specialising in machine learning, big data engineering and cloud services.

The company is perfectly poised to assist the market with cloud adoption, cloud migration and cloud infrastructure. It boasts an extensive portfolio of cloud solutions, as well as highly experienced certified architects to ensure that businesses are able to migrate to the cloud seamlessly.

Its management is eager to leverage growth and activity within South Africa’s cloud services and data centre market.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud establishing their data centres in South Africa (and Google Cloud Services likely to follow soon), the reality is that South African companies cannot ignore the worldwide cloud trends any longer.

Cloud ready
Learning Machines has earned its stripes in cloud service provision and places a premium on understanding the needs of clients.

When it comes to cloud adoption and investment, the way a business operates and its core functions are paramount to selecting the most effective cloud option.

That is why Learning Machines offers a free Cloud Adoption Readiness Report to clients. This report highlights the conceptual stage of cloud adoption within an organisation and can be used as a first step to drive change.

But Learning Machines takes it a step further. The company has established a Cloud Readiness and Migration Workshop – a technical workshop in which Learning Machines assists clients in unpacking their IT processes, policies, workflows and infrastructure.

For Learning Machines the focus is on ensuring the client is cloud-ready and in a position to secure ROI.

The company has mobilised certified solutions architects, big data engineers, machine learning experts and software developers on the front line of its cloud services offering.

These tech professionals have extensive experience in developing best-in-class infrastructures, based on solid well-architected frameworks and principles.

These principles include operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation.

Learning Machines brings all these components together to provide a holistic, streamlined and sleek cloud infrastructure migration and application service.

Backing this up is a comprehensive cloud consultancy service built around cloud system design, architecting, building and integration, migration and complete management.

The company says cloud service adoption and investment is on the rise in South Africa and companies need to migrate sooner rather than later to avoid being left behind.

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