Lithium replacing Gas & Diesel – It’s a simple switch.


As you’d expect there are many advantages to running lithium electric over traditional gas & diesel forklifts. However a major concern in the modern workplace is the consumption fossil fuels and the harmful toxins in exhaust emissions they produce. In recent years poor air quality in the workplace has been brought to the government’s attention, making clean audits a regular workplace occurrence.

As we emerge from recent world events and start to discover what the new norm is, one difference for sure is the that environmental issues have been pushed further up the agenda than ever before.

Businesses are determined to implement initiatives to protect staff , extend their green commitments and develop far reaching environmental policies.

While the actual price of fuel is currently a great expense to business, plans to eliminate red diesel for all but agriculture will mean that sectors such as commercial, industrial, distribution, warehouse, logistics & manufacturing and many more will need to start paying pump prices for forklift diesel. Pushing costs up even further, by something in the region of 400% for diesel forklifts.

Our new Lithium Electric Range is fuel free, emissions free and carbon free, and the recent announcement to eradicate red diesel subsidies has just made lithium power a must for anyone looking to reduce forklift running costs and improve air quality.

Our Lithium Electric comes with a super-fast charger, charging to 80% in around 2 hours, with the ability to opportune charge at breaktime or moments of inactivity.

Meaning that it can be charged just like your like your mobile phone, 10 minutes of plugin in time equals 10 minutes of charge time. Also as another upside as the battery doesn’t gas, no charging room is required.

Our clients are reducing operating costs by up to 70% often more and lithium with a significantly longer lifecycle (4x lead acid) means that you can keep saving for the life of the machine.

So if you’re thinking, Lithium Electric must have an expensive outright cost? Not on our watch! Forktruck Solutions is offering Lithium Electric Vehicles at a similar price point to Diesel and Gas equivalents.

Forktruck Solutions can help you achieve your environmental ambitions, and save you money, the switch to Lithium is simple and that’s why everyone is doing it.

Join the Lithium Clean Air Revolution Today and see what you can save!

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