Supply Network Africa Warehousing guide 2020


Welcome to the Supply Network Africa Warehousing Annual guide 2020, our yearly look at the suppliers and trade bodies setting the benchmark in the industry.

The Warehousing guide is here to inform purchasing decisions and serve as a lasting information resource for all those concerned with securing warehouse equipment and logistics services.

In the annual, we identify the key equipment and solutions’ categories.

1. Purpose of Warehousing
2. Definition of Warehousing
3. Storage
4. Loading
5. Picking
6. Stock Take
7. Systems & Technology
8. Pallets
9. Materials Handling
10. Racking & Shelving
11. Mezzanine & Platforms
12. Docking
13. Automated systems
14. Inverters & Converters
15. WMS
16. Live Loading
17. Data 4.0
18. Warehousing design
19. Warehousing structure
20. Flooring
21. Doors, Walls & Separation
22. Lighting
23. Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning
24. Electricity, water & Air compression
25. Health & Safety
26. Fire protection
27. Logistics
28. Forklifts

Our warehouse and logistics specialists are used to storing, handling and delivering huge volumes of goods, working a rapid pace, supported by our 3 PL and pallet networks, export equipment and solution’s providers.

With so much to play for, 2020 promises to be a critical year for this industry. Supply Network Africa will continue keeping you updated and informed about the key issues and latest developments.

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