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Southern African industries have the best of both worlds when sourcing conveyor components from local manufacturer, Melco Conveyor Equipment, as the company is able to call upon its unique mix of homegrown and globally honed solutions to provide unique products for Africa’s unique conditions.

The combined strength of the well-known local operation with its parent company Rulmeca, one of the largest manufacturer of conveyor equipment and motorized pulleys in the world, provides local industries with matchless access to quality componentry at locally competitive prices. Specialised aftersales services also ensure that the company’s products are well supported in the field.

Speaking to Supply Network Africa during a recent factory visit, executive vice president and managing director of Rulmeca Holdings S.p.A, Carsten Spanggaard, said the move to purchase Melco was a good one and has opened doors for Rulmeca into the rapidly growing sub-Saharan African region. Products developed in both stables continue to provide the conveyor industry with a wide variety of components for almost any application.

Specialised support

“Whether rollers, idlers, pulleys, frames or any other component for use on quality conveyors, we have the perfect solution for almost every industry. Over the years we have become a one-stop-shop for all types of components for both unit load and bulk applications.”

“Despite this broad specialisation we have never lost sight of the fact of our core responsibility to support and supply our industry. We do not supply systems, nor do we get involved in physically building systems on site. That way we do not cross-the-line and compete with our conveyor building customers.
“We rather focus on supporting them technically and giving them the best possible guidance and technical assistance that they may need to win contracts and get the job done properly. In this way we can support our customers anywhere in South Africa and the sub Saharan Africa region – through our extensive branch and dealer networks,” says Carsten.

Customer centric

The South African operation’s managing director, Danie O’Connell, underpins these sentiments, stating that Melco will always be loyal to its customers, supplying component and backing them up with a promise to provide the fastest possible speed-to-market and best possible after sales service.

“We are global, but local and that has many advantages. It allows us to adopt a global approach to quality, with global expertise and best practices, yet simultaneously our local expertise allows us to offer all the speed and pricing benefits that arise from local manufacture.”

“Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and incorporate best practices from across our eight manufacturing plants worldwide. This includes an all-new facility in Elandsfontein for the manufacture of pulleys. The new premises incorporates the recently acquired CPM Engineering, which remains one of the largest pulley manufacturers in Africa and a significant player in the global pulley market,” says Danie.

Growing market

Carsten adds that the African market is a significant one with important large-scale mining, bulk materials, cement, power generation and port operations for whom local supply simply makes more sense. “We need to be close to the market to remain competitive and be better able to meet commercial terms, as well as local BBBEE requirements and other practical reasons.”

The company has a 51% BBBEE shareholding and maintains a level 4 BBBEE rating. In addition, it is actively involved in a wide variety of upliftment projects within surrounding communities Surrounded by low income neighbourhoods, it is also active in local school and creche upliftment projects and employs a significant number of workers from the local neighbourhood. These efforts have earned the company the respect of its neighbours, as well as the larger business community.

The success of the local operation has also spurred the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Australia and it is increasingly growing in status as an important hub for the international group to supply the rest of the world – especially Australia, South America and even Europe.

Moving in bulk

Bulk handling products supplied by Melco Conveyor Equipment include rollers, idlers, motorised pulleys, pulleys and conveyor components. Industries serviced include:
• Mining, coal, PLATINUM, Iron Ore, Diamonds, gold
• Cement, quarries and tunnelling
• Salt and sugar plants
• Power plants
• Recycling, crushing and screening
• Ports, import and export terminals

Stand-alone conveyors

Unit handling products supplied by Melco Conveyor Equipment includes rollers, drum motors, 24V drive rollers and components. Industries include:
• Airport, security and X-Ray scanning
• Postal, parcel and e-commerce
• Manufacturing and automation
• Distribution centres and warehousing
• Food and fish processing
• Beverage processing

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