As a world leader in all-terrain working machinery, the Manitou Group is known for innovation, safety and quality. The reliability, performance and simplicity of Manitou machines combine to make equipment of enhanced value, meeting the needs of its clients in all industries. Safety in warehousing is not an easy feat with heavy loads constantly being manoeuvred at extensive heights, often within narrow aisles. Manitou offers all round material handling solutions for the supply chain and warehousing industry: from the challenge of reaching heights for stock taking, cleaning and maintenance requirements with their access platform options to stacking, unstacking and transporting bulky materials with their ranges of masted, industrial forklifts and reach trucks.

In keeping up with client requirements for reaching desired heights safely and easily, Manitou offers a wide range of access platforms, also referred to as “cherry pickers”. Three unique platform models are offered to enable you to reach your desired height, safely! For more than 15 years, Manitou has designed, manufactured and distributed safe, flexible and functional access platforms.​ Manitou’s access platforms are mobile – resulting in a multitude of different uses exactly where you need it. With the simple touch of a button, both vertical and horizontal movement can be accomplished instantly, resulting in higher productivity. A controlled work envelope ensures weight tolerances are not exceeded, allowing you to work safer. No human climbing and reduced risk of falling.

Manitou’s range of access platforms includes: articulated access platforms, telescopic access platforms, scissor lifts and vertical access platforms, all of which offer complete functionality and reliability across applications and industries, both indoors and outdoors.

The multipurpose electric articulated platform range offers a self-propelled articulated platform. All models are less than two metres high with arms folded back, thus allowing for easy access to all warehouses and industrial buildings. These platforms can reach heights of between 11.95 metres to 16.9 metres. A 3D option is available for Manitou’s 120AETJC and 150AETJC models which gives you the flexibility to negotiate around obstacles such as piping, beams and pillars, further enhancing productivity. The reinforced structure of the arms increases the rigidity and comfort of the operator and this stability equals safety, regardless of the working height and turning circle.

Manitou’s scissor platforms come in both electric as well as diesel versions. High working capacity with an extendable working area reduces the need to continuously ascend and descend for materials necessary to complete the job. Available for heights of 7.8m, 10m or 12m, the scissor platforms are equipped with reinforced double-armed scissors. An anti-slip coating on the basket adds to the safety element of the platform.Vertical platforms are compact, light and manoeuvrable – ideal for reaching difficult areas up to a height of 9.9m. Limited space is required for these platforms which is easily transportable in congested work areas. These platforms are ideal for building maintenance, cleaning and stock checking, amongst other applications.

Manitou’s range of industrial forklifts include diesel, gas and electric options. The MI range of internal combustion industrial forklifts are designed to achieve simplicity, reliability and efficiency while maintaining Manitou’s trusted reputation of reliable machines with guaranteed services and support. It is more than just a machine: the MI offers a material handling solution tailored to the constraints of clients in terms of production and logistics

The MI range is a conventional forklift (diesel or gas), used within standard working conditions such as paved, tarred or smooth surfaces, that is ideally suited to a broad spectrum of industries such as warehousing, food and textile and manufacturing. Standard with side shift and solid tyres, the MI unit offers a very short turning radius for quick manoeuvring, making it ideal for tackling congested sites or warehouse aisles where high item rotation is important.​ For electric forklift options, Manitou offers the ME range. Like their diesel and gas equivalents (MI), the ME range responds perfectly to the requirements of today’s industrial markets. They are easy to use and maintain, as well as being reliable in all situations.

Narrow aisle warehousing spaces can be a challenge and a safety hazard if the correct equipment is not used. New to the Manitou range is the Manitou Electric Reach Truck (ER) with widths ranging from 1120mm to 1397mm and maximum capacities of between 1.2 and 2 tons. A choice of lifting heights between 3200mm and 11500mm makes this electric reach truck the perfect design for crammed warehouses. The protective cab allows for adjustments to improve operator safety, comfort and ergonomics.​ All Manitou access platforms, forklifts and reach trucks come with constantly available service and support throughout South Africa as well as 95% parts availability over the counter ensuring that the industrial forklifts maintain maximum uptime.

Manitou supports its comprehensive material-handling range nationally with a world-class service and support network. Manitou helps ensure peak operation and maximum productivity with the help of experienced maintenance teams that are on stand-by 24/7, 365 days a year.​​ Manitou has an extensive network of 11 dealers through South Africa and neighbouring countries who distribute and service the Manitou brand. Globally, Manitou operates in more than 140 countries through a network of 1,400 dealers.

Manitou, in partnerships with their dealers, offer a versatile and comprehensive range of telescopic handlers, conventional and rough terrain masted forklifts, access platforms as well as the skid steer, track, articulated and backhoe compact loaders

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