The current lockdown is testing the ability of business to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Companies that have embraced more digital ways of working have been far less impacted. Several slower respondents are turning their focus away from only the cost benefits of cloud-based solutions to the agility and responsiveness that they now require. […]
In-store advertising innovator Smart Media has partnered with e-learning provider Cnnect™ to launch a game-changing new way to train all Dis-Chem pharmacy staff on the move. The Smart-Cnnect app is a digital training experience tailored for Dis-Chem nationwide. “As the exclusive training partner of Dis-Chem, we have been looking at more innovative ways to address […]

Getting lost in the latest tech talk? Don’t know your AI from your ML? Then it’s time to learn how to talk AI like an expert. The term AI/ML has become exceptionally popular but what exactly to th

As South Africa heads into the next phase of our fight against Covid-19 – a nationwide lockdown – efficient supply chain management is critical to ensure that South Africans continue to have access to food, basic commodities and medical supplies, according to SAPICS, The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management. The spotlight is also on […]
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