Many South Africans are rejoicing over President Ramaphosa’s latest announcement that the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown regulations will mean they can restock their liquor shelves and wine fridges. When SA moves down to lockdown level 3, alcohol sales will be permitted under specific conditions. But does this mean that your local liquor store will […]
Bata Industrials, a specialised division of the world’s largest shoe manufacturer, is all about technology and innovation in providing optimum safety, health, comfort and durability for the wearer without compromising comfort. To that end, Bata South Africa have introduced the BATA ECONO RANGE. This new range, which is proudly made in South Africa, offers a […]
Fluid gender definitions have interesting implications for the South African workplace What if your white male employee self-identified as a woman? Or your African male colleague identified as an African female to score more BEE points? This is not a test. This is the future of the workplace where gender and racial identities are fluid […]
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