At a time when economic pressures are forcing businesses to sweat their IT assets and do more with less, container technology and Kubernetes can be instrumental. Achieving what is needed can be done by running more applications on fewer servers, bundling and running applications seamlessly and dramatically reducing time to market for new products and […]
Since about 1582*, people have been falling victim to April Fool’s pranks. Historians have speculated that this day originated in France when the country switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar and, with this, they moved the new year from the first of April to the first of January. With no social media […]
Global cloud communications company, Infobip has announced its full Communications Platform as-a-Service offering is now available on Microsoft Azure, thereby extending the enterprise customer base globally for Infobip – particularly in the finance, eCommerce and retail sectors, and allow it to expand its core market footprint. The Azure deployment is the latest step in Infobip’s […]
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